Beya Suites

Beya Suites

Beya Suites is comprised of eight hotel rooms, 2 suites, dining room facilities, bar, sunset roof-top terrace, sea view roof top terrace, sea view garden and garden gazebo.

All our rooms have queen-sized beds, private bath with hot and cold water, air-condition, fans, cable TV, free wireless internet and private balconies.  Of the eight hotel rooms, 6 rooms have 2 queen-sized beds each and 2 rooms have only one bed.  The rooms that contain 2 beds can accommodate as many as 3 persons and the rooms with 1 bed can accommodate 2 persons.

The suites are complete with all amenities mentioned above and in addition, dining area and dining facilities, kitchen area and cooking facilities such and butane stove, microwave oven and refrigerator. One suite has two queen sized beds and the other has only one queen sized beds.

Additional information regarding the rooms is as follows:
Sea View Rooms: present a front and side view of the sea.
Sun Set Rooms: Present a side view of the sea, and also a gorgeous view of the wooded area behind the hotel.
Studio Rooms: Present a side view of the sea and also a gorgeous view of the wooded area behind the hotel but these rooms also have additional amenities.  The Studio Rooms also come with a small refrigerator that is stocked with light snacks and drinks and a microwave oven.

Other Information:

  • The snacks and drinks held in the refrigerators in the Studio Rooms are sold for a separate price and are not included in the room price. 
  • Also the dining area provides for the preparation of breakfast for guests. 
  • Breakfast is sold at a separate price and is not included in the room rate.
  • Service charge is not a part of the pricing determination.
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